About Me


Who am I? Hmmm….such a loaded question. My first instinct is to list my roles in life: Christian woman, wife, mother, English teacher, counselor, social worker, lover of this life, etc. Yes, I like that. I am all those roles and so much more. As of two days ago, I have become a blogger and thirteen days ago, I became the sober, better version of myself. So, follow me on this journey that I call life. It will be real, heartfelt, not always pretty or glamorous, but I promise to always make an attempt to find the silver lining in my entries, even when it proves to be difficult.

I am hopeful that my tests will become my testimonies and my messes messages that will encourage others through the trials of life. I figure if I’ve been there and done that, the least I can do is offer directions, or a metaphorical tow for those who may be traveling down that path or temporarily stuck in a pothole.

I have a lot to be thankful for and I am extremely blessed to be Ken’s wife and Chisholm, Shelbee, Chantz, and Kennadee’s mom orΒ Mother Hen, as I am affectionately called. We aren’t perfect, but dang it, we are pretty witty. πŸ™‚

One other fun fact; we recently left our home town of Coalinga, California and moved to Twain Harte, California. Boy, was that a leap of faith and God has really moved in our lives. New home, new jobs, new schools, new church, new everything and as a a former change-a-phobe, I can honestly say, I am completely rehabilitated. Let the games begin. Welcome to my world.

Blessings and hugs, Mrs. Kristen Joy Witt πŸ™‚


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